Staying Relevant in a Dynamic Environment

Change is happening fast, many things are becoming obsolete. How fast can your team adapt to changes? Shifting priorities and hectic environments create confusion. It's important to understand the difference between being stable and being brittle, chaotic, and flexible. Agility can be learned and has to be implemented in a constantly changing business setting.

What are you doing to stay relevant in this dynamic and ever-changing world?

Learn how to develop an agile culture in your organization and better adapt to constant change.

Target Participants

Supervisors, Middle Management, Strategic Decision Makers, Directors, and Executives,

Delivery Methods

Participants Will Learn

By the end of the workshop,

  • Discuss current training issues in your organization,
  • Describe what is meant by S-OJT,
  • Describe the S-OJT process,
  • Develop an action plan to implement S-OJT Programs,

The workshop provides an awareness of the knowledge and skills necessary to implement S-OJT


Dr. Gemechu is the Founder & CEO at The iCapital Africa Institute, a professional service firm that co-creates solutions to help businesses transform themselves. He is also an assistant professor at the College of Business and Economics at Addis Ababa University. His teaching and research interests focus on National Workforce Development (Occupational Standards, Labor Market Information, and School-to-Work Transition); HR in Organizations (Strategic HRD & HRM; Workplace Learning, Organizational Design, HR Transformation); Business Strategy, Organizational Culture, Managing Change in organizations and related. He has a PhD in Human Resource Development from a joint program between AU (ETH) and the University of Ohio (US).

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