Our Learning Solutions (LS) are human capital development (HCD) programs offered in the form of standard and corporate packages, and certifications based skill seminars and training programs. Upon completion, participants will be able to independently plan and design piloting and implementing the specific acquired skills. Most of our LS packages are already proven to be successful in the US, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, we develop new learning solutions or customize our existing HCD packages to meet the unique needs of enterprises in Africa. We also partner with various international consultants, companies and institutions in order to ensure quality and standard for our packages

Our Learning Packages

Standard Packages

The Standard packages we provide are skill seminars designed by i-Capital and our international partner organizations that are scheduled to be delivered throughout the fiscal year.

Corporate Tailored

Our Corporate-Tailored packages are customized trainings offered for our corporate clientele. Through co-creating solutions and utilizing the latest learning models & approaches, we help businesses address their current and future development needs


The Certification packages are focused on developing certified experts, and solving the current increasing shortage of skilled and experienced professionals. These certification packages are meant to fill the gap in knowledge & skills of different sectors by utilizing panels of experts, co-creating with the industry gurus, and applying international test and proven technique like DACUM.


Our Exposure Visit packages are designed to facilitate experience sharing accross borders. With our partner organisations abroad, we arrange a tailored learning experience for senior managers and executives.

Upcoming Seminars

This training package is designed to introduce workplace skills development approaches to help companies implement this systems that will enable them to continuously


Most professionals understand the importance of occupational analysis, but often lack the understanding on how to actually carry them out in practice.

Social media is where revolutions are started and national agendas disrupted. It's where small companies compete with giants, and win. 

How fast can a new employee fully take on - and effectively  deliver - on his responsibilities? More importantly,

September Skills Seminars Trainers

Gemechu Waktola (PhD)

Dr. Gemechu is the Founder & CEO at The iCapital Africa Institute www.icapitalafrica.org a professional service firm that co-creates solutions to help businesses transform themselves. He is also an assistant professor at the College of Business and Economics at Addis Ababa University. His teaching and research interests focus on National Workforce Development (Occupational Standards, Labor Market Information, and School-to-Work Transition); HR in Organizations (Strategic HRD & HRM; Workplace Learning, Organizational Design, HR Transformation); Business Strategy, Organizational Culture, Managing Change in organizations and related. He has a PhD in Human Resource Developement from a joint program between AU (ETH) and the University of Ohio (US)

Ronald Jacobs (PhD)

Ronald Jacobs, Ph.D., professor of human resource development, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign https://education.illinois.edu/faculty/ron-jacobs, and principal of RL Jacobs & Associates http://www.rljacobs-associates.com, a global consulting firm. Mr. Ronald has written over 100 journal articles and book chapters and has authored or edited six books that address a range of topics in human resource and workforce development. Professor Jacobs’ has extensive experience in working with government ministries and organizations, related to addressing human resource and workforce development issues.
His recent books include "Structure On-the-Job Training" and "Work Analysis in the Knowledge Economy".

Kenawak Tadele

Kenawak has been working as a project associate in advisory solutions at The i-Capital Africa Institute, managing and coordinating projects, developing training curricula and shaping new products. He develops Social Media Engagement Strategies for businesses, delivers training seminars and handles Organizational Health Assessment Diagnosis Lab. He has a degree in Economics from Addis Abeba University, School of Commerce.

About Us

The i-Capital Africa Institute is a private consulting firm established and based in Ethiopia to deliver Intellectual Capital Development Packages, provide Knowledge Sharing Platforms, and promote Innovation & Technology Transfer Solutions for small to large scale enterprises in Africa.

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