Working together to develop and enhance the skill of staff members…

The i-Capital Africa Institute has signed a training service agreement with Dashen Bank, for the provision of training service in “Work Ethics and Professionalism”, training for 919 staff members in Addis Ababa and up-country districts to be delivered from February to June 2019. The Institute is also providing training service on “Building Customer-Centric Culture” for 210 staff members in Addis Ababa from March to May 2019.  

How you present yourself in the business world and the way you treat others in the working environment is an integral part of Work Ethics and Professionalism. Work Ethics and Professionalism involve everything from having specialized knowledge and competency to your image and self-regulation, emotional intelligence, accountability, and integrity.  

Further, developing a long-term business partnership requires establishing a connection, serving clients` needs and creating & sustaining trust, in this regards building a customer-centric culture within the organization is vital.

The i-Capital Africa Institute is a full-service human capital consulting firm, dedicated to developing the intellectual capital, by offering a full range of services to our clients in various sectors. Our approach is business driven, and aim to create innovative, insight-driven solutions that are practical and commercially sound.

 “Helping companies connect to the future and win through talent”