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Speakers of 3rd EACCE

Sustainable Research Practice at Bahir Dar Institute of Technology: Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Asregedew Kassa Woldesenbet (PhD, P.E.)

Adjunct Faculty,Bahir Dar University, ETHIOPIA
The Impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Ethiopia Construction Industry


Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute , ETHIOPIA
Poor technology or poor mindset: impact on the sustainability of concrete construction.

Ephraim Senbetta

Visiting Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar Universities , ETHIOPIA
Energy Efficiency Management

Eng. Osama Aly Ahmed

Engineering Consultant, Rabeen Group, EGYPT
Compressed Stabilized Earth Block

Mr. Negasi Zeleke Shawul

Researcher IV, CCIIDI,Ethiopia
Practices and Challenges of Innovation in the Ethiopian Cement Sector

Kassahun Yimer Kebede(PhD)

Assistant Professor of Technology and Innovation Management Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, AAU, Ethiopia
Challenges of Innovation in Cement and Concrete Sector (Green Cement)”

Kassahun Admassu (PhD)

Director of Materials Research and Testing Center, EiABC, Addis Ababa University ,Ethiopia
Durable and Sustainable Concrete with Mineral Admixtures

Jayant D. Bapat (PhD)

Independent Professional, India
Performance Evaluation of Ethiopian Cements: physical, chemical, thermodynamic and mechanical aspects


Associate Prof. of Concrete Materials & Structures, Executive Director, AAU-AAiT with the Rank of V/President for AAU, Head of Construction Materials Lab AAU, AAiT, ETHIOPIA
Assessing the Potential of Coffee Parchment for its Effective Utilization as Alternative Biomass Fuel in Cement Industry

Eshetu Bekele (PhD)

Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia
Energy Efficiency Improvement and GHG Emission Reduction Strategy for Cement Industries in Ethiopia

Eng. Demiss Alemu (PhD)

Associate Professor in Thermal Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, ETHIOPIA
Mining & Environmental Management: Successful rehabilitation of Quarry wastelands to Ecosystems for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystems Services at the coast of Kenya

Mr. Albert Akondo Musando

Manager, Environmental Education & Ecosystems, Lafarge Ecosystems Limited – Bamburi Cement Ltd, Mombasa, Kenya