Study and design of Ethiopia’s Civil Service Performance Management System

The i-Capital Africa institute is currently engaged in assessing the current performance management system of the Ethiopian federal civil service and designing a performance management framework for the Federal Civil Service Commission.

Under the supervision of the Civil Service Commission and UNDP, we are responsible for the following activities:

  • Developing an assessment methodology including interview guides, survey questionnaires and desktop research;
  • Conducting the assessment in various selected government bureaus across the country using the aforementioned methodologies;
  • Analyzing assessment finding and developing a report document on the status of performance management in government institutions in the country and
  • Developing a national performance management framework that can be used at each levels of government (from the parliament/cabinet, agencies, and individual levels) and get approval of the same.

The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) is re-established as a federal institution in 2010 E.C with the duties and responsibilities of capacity building of the civil servant, through administering and transferring, utilizing the existing organizational knowledge. The institution has the following vision, mission, values, powers, and duties.

The powers and duties of the Commission include adopting strategies for continuous improvement of service delivery in the public sector; coordinating public sector capacity building activities; monitoring and evaluating the implementation of same. In addition, the Commission establishes competence and performance based pay and reward system for the public service; evaluate its effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

Previous year’s reports show that the performance management practice of the civil service was not very manageable, effective and was not well researched. As part of an ongoing national reform drive including the civil service, the Federal Civil Service Commission decided to assess the relevance and effectiveness of the current performance management system of both federal and regional government offices.

In support of the national initiative, DFID, UNDP and the Federal Civil Service Commission jointly designed a Capacity Development Project that aimed at supporting the national reform that the country is undertaking towards professionalizing the civil service.

The national initiative is intended to have a competent, effective and efficient civil service acquainted with the desired standards of knowledge, skill and attitude to serve the public interest impartially and in an ethical and professional manner. It is expected to improve systems, processes and standards in order to underpin better performance, accountability and meritocracy within the civil service.

Therefore, UNDP, in collaboration with the Civil Service Commission commissioned The i-Capital Africa Institute – after a competitive tender bid process – to carry out a research/assessment of the current practice of performance management in the federal civil service, and to identify major gaps, challenges and drawbacks to finally design a national performance management system within the framework of the Capacity Development Project on Civil Service Reform.

i-Capital is currently in the third phase of the project and will discuss the results of assessment when the project is completed based on the permission of our clients.