SHRME HR Networking Event

SHRME in collaboration with The i-Capital Africa Institute held an HR networking event last night, 08th of August 2019 at the Golden Tulip Hotel.

Dr Gemechu Waktola (Founder and CEO of The i-Capital Africa Institute), presented as the Guest Speaker on "More questions than answers". In his presentation, he touched on the lack of activities in the Human Resource field and questioned the association's achievement, position and role as an HR professional body.

"Ethiopia is not job-rich, and yet there is a lack of adequate skill supply," said Dr Gemechu "because we don't produce skilled people in our education institutions". Furthermore, given the lack of proper projection for the number of manpower needed at a national level for existing sectors, graduates from higher educational institutions are not proportional to what industries need. This adds to and influences the existing unemployment problem.


A panel discussion was also held, with Dr Gemechu and Dr Konjit, newly appointed board member of SHRME. The audience raised questions on; how to make HR managers more influential in the work environment, how to overcome stereotypes about HR personnel, the need for an occupational standard and work analysis, the applicability of HR policies, procedures and practices, and questions concerning SHRME visibility.

In response to the questions raised, Dr Gemechu called upon HR professionals to assess their capabilities, to make themselves relevant trusted advisors and strategic partners in their respective organisations. He stressed the need for HR policies, procedures and practices tailored to our nation's culture through exploiting best-tested systems, tools and practices.

Addressing SHRME, both panellists underlined the need for the association to position itself as a thought leader in HR. They also emphasised on the role of individual members to further strengthen the outreach of the association.