Our Learning Solutions (LS) are human capital development (HCD) programs offered in the form of standard packages, corporate-tailored packages, and certifications programs offered as skill seminars & training to meet the unique needs through co-creation and partnerships with companies, and institutions. Upon completion, participants can independently plan and design piloting and implementing the specific acquired skills. Most of our LS programs have already proven to be successful in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Furthermore, through co-creation, we develop new learning solutions or customize our existing HCD packages to meet the unique needs of enterprises in Africa. We also partner with various international consultants, companies, and institutions in order to ensure quality and standard for our packages.

Leadership Development Program

Coaching and Mentoring

Corporate Governance

Scenario-Based Leadership

Schema-Based Development Leadership

Leadership 101

Management Program

Managing High Performance

Strategy and Culture

Strategy Review and Formulation

Developing a Winning Strategy

Change Management

Adaptability key survival skill in the face of dynamism

Changing Nature of Work

Effective Change Management

Our Clients

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