Individuals and organizations programs that develop skills and competencies through exposure to global best practices and experiences, including international certifications, exposure-based learning, education programs, and advisory services in collaboration with international partners.


We offer the opportunity to share experiences and best practices with overseas companies. The option brings you face-to-face training, a visit that allows you to see how similar companies operate overseas and an excursion. Our partners are based in countries worldwide; South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom, Dubai and Malaysia.


We aim to fill the gap in knowledge and skills. Together with our selected partners, we focus on developing experts. Our international certification packages intend to solve the increasing shortage of skilled and experienced professionals.


Fresh perspectives to cater for specific needs. In collaboration with our international partners, we provide consultancy in the areas of Human Resource Management, Strategy, Governance, Risk and Capital Management and many more.


Different MBA programs are presented in collaboration with renowned Universities.

Our Exposure Learning Programs

Capital market Programs

Preparing to be the Key Actor in Upcoming Ethiopia’s Capital Market

Developments in capital markets, and more

Leadership, Culture, and Strategy

Agile Strategy & Leadership

Succession Planning & Executive Development

Leadership and the Dynamics of Groups

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy

Fintech and Digital Assets Strategy

IFB & Takaful programs

Islamic Banking and Finance Principles, Practice, and Products

Takaful Fundamentals, Practices, and Products

Preparing for Foreign Entry into Ethiopia's Finance Sector

Corporate Governance

Board Governance and Leadership

Risk and Compliance

Financial Crime and Compliance

Ethics, regulation, and compliance

Managing responsibly - ESG and beyond

Corporate Culture & Change Management

Knowledge Management System

Our Partners

Our Clients

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